Private View

Thursday 23rd January 2020 6 - 9 pm

Join us for the opening night of Depictions of Living. The Private View will include live performances and a free bar. Free and open to the public. 

An evening with ClientEarth and Women’s Environmental Network
Friday the 24 January 2020 6 - 8 pm

Join us at the Depictions of Living exhibition with an evening of conversation between Sam Hunter-Jones and Dr. Tom West of ClientEarth and a presentation by Beth Summers from Women’s Environmental Network WEN.

  • 6:00 PM arrival for time to view the artwork on show.

  • 6:30 PM talks to begin.

  • 7:30 PM drinks at reception - gallery will remain open till 8:30 PM

ClientEarth is Europe’s leading non-profit environmental law organisation, whose lawyers, scientists and policy experts work internationally to create pragmatic solutions to key environmental challenges. Addressing threats such as air pollution, climate change and habitat loss, ClientEarth pushes for strong environmental laws, government transparency and a sustainable planet for all. Working on laws from inception to enforcement, helping to draft legislation and train officials to implement it, ClientEarth also works to enforce laws when governments fail to do so. The law can be a tool for positive social and environmental change, and ClientEarth has the imagination and expertise to use it.


Wen acts to achieve equality, justice and joy. Wen fights global problems around gender, health and our environment by taking action on issues affecting our bodies, homes and neighbourhoods. We work alongside communities supporting action and get a real-world understanding of women’s lived experiences in the process. With this knowledge, we create collaborative partnerships with organisations, academics and policy makers to launch projects and campaigns that make a real difference and improve lives.

Tickets are free and with limited availability please RSVP on Eventbrite.

Living with the Climate Crisis - Finding inspiration beyond despair
Saturday 25th January 2020 2 - 4pm

Talk and workshop confronting the psychology of life in the time of climate crisis.

Individual, group and societal behavioural changes are seemingly demanded by our precipitous ecological demise. Why hasn't the change needed happened already?

A major obstacle to change is denial and although climate change science has recently broken through those deliberate clouds of doubt designed and funded by powerful corporate vested interest, there remains for many the personal phenomenon of ‘implicative denial’. This is a deep, unexamined reluctance to fully open up to and meet the implications of what scientists have been warning of, virtually unheeded, for 4 decades.

There is a name given to a growing 21st century phenomenon; Eco-anxiety. This is NOT a new diagnosis for psychologists to treat with talking therapy, nor for psychiatrists to medicate into submission. Rather, it is a rational human response that can be a precursor for a deeper journey into, and through, despair. Emerging thereafter - phoenix-like - on the other side of despair with a fresh sense of purpose, inspiration and willingness, buoyed up by finding a deep sense of gratitude and appreciation of, and in, nature as she currently is.

Join us for two hours of collaboration, guided reflection, dialogue and meaning making. Weaving together insights from Contextual Behavioural Science and the approach of deep ecologist Joanna Macey called ‘the work that reconnects’, let’s make a start on being the change we hope for.

Martin Wilks

Mindfulness teacher, Chartered Psychologist, Practitioner Psychologist,
Registered Counselling Psychologist, Coaching Psychologist

MSc.Couns Psych, Dip.Couns.Psych, Dip.PC Counselling, C.Psychol

Tickets are free and with limited availability please RSVP on Eventbrite.

Families Day - educational and creative activities 
Sunday 26th January 2020 12 - 4pm  

Mixing Art and Science this event will engage young minds concerning current issues about climate science such as:

- The carbon cycle

- Fossil fuels

- Ocean acidification and the pH scale

- Biodiversity and urban ecosystems

- Bees

- Rewilding

Some activities will include items for the children to take home. Such as seed bombs for planting bee friendly flowers and paintings from a creative exercise.

Hosted by Little House of Science teachers and curators from The Depictions of Living Exhibition.

The Depictions of Living Exhibition features work form over seventy artists exploring climate change issues and is running in The Art Pavilion at the same time as this event. Parents can participate in activities or explore the rest of the show.

Little House of Science run fun and engaging in school and after school science clubs and private tuition as well as holiday camps for children aged 4-12. Teachers are experienced at the fun delivery of complex topics.


This is a free drop in event so come at any time during 12 - 4pm, please RSVP so we can help manage supplies on Eventbrite.


All teachers and assistants have been fully DBS checked.

Please spread the word we look forward to seeing you there.


The Family Day and exhibition are supported by: Little House of Science and East End Homes.

Heading for Extinction 

Monday 27th January 2020 7 - 8pm

The planet is in ecological crisis: we are in the midst of the sixth mass extinction event this planet has experienced. Scientists believe we may have entered a period of abrupt climate breakdown. This is an emergency.

In this public talk, climate speakers from Extinction Rebellion will share the latest climate science on where our planet is heading, discuss some of the current psychology around climate change, and offer solutions through the study of social movements.

Everyone is welcome and there will be time to ask questions and discuss afterwards. Entry is free.


Tickets are free and with limited availability please RSVP on Eventbrite.