Subash Thebe

‘275K’, 2019

Video, 2’ 30”


Subash Thebe works with sound, music, performance, film, painting and podcast.

His practice explores our current social issues like migration, and climate change and

speculates possible future scenarios with help of science fiction and indigenous futurism.

His practice investigates the relationship between art & social change, mainly focusing

on the issues of climate change & migration/immigration. He records sound of public

engagements and later incorporate them in my works imagining future space and time.

Subash also record sounds of man-made structures (like sound of metal fence) and natural

environment (like thawing of glacier).


About the work: 

Glaciers and spaceship- a futuristic spaceship based on design inspired by Indigenous artefacts from the artist’s home country Nepal- placed in non-linear time frame are key motifs of this work. Industrialisation brought prosperity in the West but the tremors of carbon emission are becoming more menacing thousand miles away in Himalayas and other underdeveloped parts of the world.

Dangers of glacial lake outburst flood, emergence of diseases like malaria and dengue in mountain villages in recent years, depletion of water resources and change of vegetation and crops are issues already being experienced in Himalayas. Moreover, it’s the Indigenous communities in particular who are experiencing this effect of climate change for they live close to nature and hence vulnerable. This work emphasises involvement and representation of Indigenous communities in this climate change narrative and imagines alternate reality with help of science fiction.




Social Media: @subashthebe