Spike Dennis

‘An Appetite for Revolution (Save the Planet - Eat People)’

Quilting, 85 x 107cm (Quilt)

Spike Dennis is an interdisciplinary artist working in a range of media from web-based material

and digital video through to traditional textile practices such as hand embroidery and quilting.

The subject of Spike’s work can be similarly diverse but much of his work is united by an underlying

streak of dark, absurdist humour and a gently persistent questioning of the world around us.


About the work: 

It has been well reported that two of the biggest contributing factors to the current climate crisis are animal agriculture and overpopulation, so why not kill two birds with one stone and eat people? After all cannibalism has occurred throughout the history of humanity from the Upper Palaeolithic period through until the late twentieth century. In some instances these practices took place for cultural reasons, but in many, such as during the Russian Cultural Revolution or following the crash of flight 571, it was simply a matter of survival.

The current climate crisis is the biggest threat that humanity has ever faced. If we don’t take radical action now our survival might be left hanging in the balance This quilted protest banner produced as a part of my S.P.E.W (Sustainable People Eaters of the World) project beckons audiences with a call to action to help stop climate change and save the planet by eating each other.

My S.P.E.W project is a provocation which aims to prompt further conversations around these matters.

The quilt has been hand made using a combination of wax-resist printed cotton, poly-cotton and polyester.


Email: studio@spikeworld.co.uk

Website: www.spikedennis.com

Social Media: @Spike_Dennis