Serena Porrati

‘III Elements III’, 2018

Installation, Quartz heaters, 210 x 1 cm (in diameter)


Serena Porrati critically explores heat as a generative force, a tool to operate. Her work, mainly realised

in metal, is conceived as a becoming-object evoking and constantly questioning its own origin and

destiny. Heat and its derivative concepts such as warming, temperature and thermodynamic

are a recurrent thought-presence in contemporary consciousness as societies are rapidly coming to

terms with the global climate change. Heat is a complex entity and implies multiple aspects: scientific,

economical, physical and political. It's a cross-disciplinary force able to disclose unconventional and unexpected perspectives. A methodology opening up new narratives and aesthetics in which humans are unavoidably connected to the non-human.


Serena Porrati has a Master in Art and Science from Central Saint Martins and currently lives in Milan where she has her own studio.  She has exhibited internationally and nationally and has worked with institutions like: Museo del 900 Milan, National Museum of Women in the Arts Washington, PAV Turin, Fondazione Antonio Ratti Como, Fondazione Zegna, Fondazione Pistoletto, Mostyn Gallery Llandudno, Goldsmith University London, British Library London, Modern Art Oxford, MAG Museum of Alto Garda, THE WRONG new digital art biennial, Villacroce Museum of Contemporary Art Genova. Prizes: 2018 WOMEN TO WATCH 2018 Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington 2016 AT THE HEART OF FORGING AWARD Care Of Milan, 2014 MOSTYN OPEN 19



About the work: 

“III Elements III” is a handmade engineering device. Electrical dimmers connected to the electricity “control” the three quartz heaters glow. The differential heat they produce (approximately 1+°C) corresponds to the global temperature increase over the last century. III presents itself formally “expanded” – it engages with things beside itself – it spreads into the electric circuit, and onward, to a more complex wired and vast system, up to a source – an electric power station fed by gas, oil, water, wind or sun . III manifests a thermodynamic flux. Human and non-human forces collide, linking all the way -back and forward- to the climate warming that we witness. The dislocation of the elements, the temporal reduction evoked by the heat, the merge of the artificial and natural forces of action and reaction shift III from an aesthetic level, to an ontological one. III stands in a vital and controversial political terrain. It engages with the hyper-object, and as any hyper-object does, arouses a threat to individualism, nationalism, anti-intellectualism, racism, capitalism and anthropocentrism.




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