Samuel Ivan Roberts

‘Oliganthopocene’, 2019, ‘Brush brush brush’, 2020 (still from short film in production)

‘True Costs', 2019, and ‘Neowilding’ 2020


Samuel Ivan Roberts is an artist, curator and environmental activist. 

About the works: 

“Oliganthopocene” Multiple stickers measuring 99.1mm x38.1mm. Oliganthropocene - a revision

of the word Anthropocene by Erik Swyngedouw’s - highlights the extremely different levels of

responsibility towards the anthropocene. The eighty richest individuals in the world have a combined

income higher than the 416 million poorest. The Oliganthropocene is an epoch caused by a few men

and even fewer women. It is argued that the narrative of the Anthropocene, of the interactions between the human species as a whole with the earth system is erroneous and comforts the interests of a powerful minority.


“Brush Brush Brush” still from short film in production. The film plays with the accumulation of waste in the everyday. Looking at the idea that there is no ‘away’ on a finite planet our character’s routine is increasingly interrupted bizarrely and intrusively by the toothbrushes of her past.


“True costs”, T-shirt - QR code links to digital artwork. In response to Fashion Revolutions campaign ‘who made your clothes’ and with the desire to make the most sustainable T-shirt possible, Samuel Ivan Roberts focused on supply chain transparency. The artist took photos of the region where the organic cotton was grown in Turkey,  sourced photos of the machines that spun the fabric in Portugal and to ensure fair working conditions in production made the garments himself documenting the process. Each of the ten items, black and size 44 to be hung uniquely on those of different sizes, has a QR code label that links to a unique web page detailing its production and the cause. Whilst this level of visibility might not be possible for all fashion items, the artist wished to illustrate the direction the industry should be moving towards and the power of transparency to transform whilst celebrating textile craft and the self made. The cost of the garments also is fully transparent with time valued at the London living wage. 



Digital Print. Rewilding has the potential to mitigate the worst aspects of climate change and biodiversity loss, however in cities it isn't practical. You can’t be putting bears there. Neowilding is the emergence of a new urban wilderness. This series playfully unsettles our expectations of cityscapes, contrasting the digital documentation of public space with images of nature. Mixing the grey of the everyday with the almost virtual shapes of natural tones, an uncanny, dreamlike London is imagined.   


Samuel will be running painting workshops to accompany this project as part of the Family Day  

26th January 12- 4pm, other educational activities will be put on by teachers from Little House of Science at this time. 



Social Media: @samuelivanroberts