Rosa-Maria Nuutinen

‘Remember to wear your shower cap after Doom’s day’, 2019

Black gel ink pen on lokta paper, 26 x 35 cm (framed)



Rosa-Maria Nuutinen (b. 1992 in Hämeenlinna, Finland) is a London based artist working with a

predominantly drawing based practice, concerned by ideas surrounding the post-human condition

and how, in the future, humans will no longer be present but will leave behind an irreversible mark

on our planet. Concepts such as cyborg bodies and biotechnology are present within the work, as

Nuutinen is interested by the idea that humans, in order to maintain our current life style, rely heavily

on technology in order to survive, creating complex technological mechanisms to continue living. 


About the work: 

“Remember to wear your shower cap after Doom’s day” is part of a new series of drawings inspired by The Big Four tech companies (Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple) and how humans and new forms of technology continue to assist in major environmental change. The works imagine that these companies have created autonomous household pets in the form of their logos, akin to Amazon’s Alexa, that play your favourite song, speak to you about your day and help you cook your dinner. Taking this idea further, the drawings envisage future scenarios whereby the pets have become fully autonomous, pulling themselves apart, forming gangs and ravaging the earth. Within the drawings, the autonomous beings become relics of our current world, where humans no longer exist but their technological creations continue to have an ongoing impact on the earth. Life is seen to continue forwards, with or without the presence of human beings. In the work on show, Member to wear your shower cap after Doom’s day, the Facebook logo is depicted relaxing in a Japanese hot spring. 




Social Media: @rosanuutinen