Roos van Geffen

‘Drifting in Time’, 2019

Photo series , 77 x 94 cm (framed)


Roos van Geffen (1975) makes artworks and installations in (public) space. Her work consists of

performances, photo and video works. From personal fascinations, she investigates philosophical and

existential themes such as fear, desire and transience. Van Geffen has a background as a stage designer,

a discipline in which she is trained to find an abstraction in complex structures, which she translates in

time and space, in a recognisable and almost natural way. She uses this quality in her current

practice, materialising encounters and experiences and making abstract concepts tangible. The often

serial works arise after lengthy documentary and process-based research. She often enters into intensive

discussions with the subject she is researching; a community (as with Drift, Black School, Chrooma) death

(Hand Over, Media Vita) or with itself (Unfocussed Days). Roos van Geffen creates precisely composed,

concentrated and often intimate images that brouch into unconscious, emotional layers. It invites viewers

to look in detail and with more attention, creating a different, sometimes surprising reality. 

Her work has been exhibited at Fotodok in Utrecht, Corrosia in Almere, VOX-POP in Amsterdam, Photo

Festival Schiedam in the Stedelijk Museum Schiedam, Battersea Arts Center London and various festivals. Roos van Geffen received grants from the BKVB Fund / Mondriaan Fund, the Tijl Fund and the Performing Arts Fund on several occasions. She also teaches at different art academies.

About the work: 

'Drifting in Time’ is a photo series of five that makes the passage of time tangible and raises questions about the future; do we take over nature? or are we eventually taken over ourselves? A young girl, eyes closed, her face affected in various stages by algae, sludge, aquatic animals and brood. The photos evoke associations with Ophelia, the unfortunate beloved from Hamlet. Maddened with love, she drowns in a stream. Just like humanity, she surrenders to the always-propelling current. It is a metaphor for the future climate disaster that awaits us.



Social Media: @roosvgeffen