Rebecca Moss

‘Animal Cruelty’, 2016

Video, 1’ 15”

Rebecca Moss is an artist (b.1991, Essex, UK) whose work critically examines heroic narratives through

slapstick and absurd gestures. She is especially interested in how slapstick performance is intensified by

a feminist perspective. Her inspirations are diverse, with a particular interest in comedy, site-responsive art

interventions and architecture. Her work has recently taken the form of short edited videos, where she 

constructs scenarios for the camera and performs with props in the Essex landscape. These props are

usually locally sourced in fancy dress shops and are very cheap or made out of improvised everyday

household materials. These works consider a reciprocal relationship between the artist's body and her

surroundings but most importantly, how low-brow, bodily humour can undermine romantic heroic

characters often found in landscape art.


About the work:

I set up a scenario where my cat is in control of a water balloon, which balances precariously over my head. As he moves, the balloon is released, and I am drenched with water.




Social Media: @_rebecca.moss