Penny Hartley

‘Land Ground Earth Soil’, 2019

Video, 17 mins


Publication available at the gallery, A6 - £10 (each) Penny Hartley’s filmmaking takes a critical view of

social,political and cultural issues. She originally trained and worked in graphic and landscape design,

before gaining an MA in Graphic Communication Design at Central Saint Martins in 2019. She has a

particular interest in the power (and manipulation) of language, both spoken and visual. Her projects

are research-based and investigate the semiotics of the everyday - the ‘hiding-in-plain-sight’ - through

which to provoke dialogue around larger social issues. She experiments with iteration, typology and

juxtaposition as a way of exploring the project through the intersections and overlaps of art, film,

graphic design, language and landscape.


About the work:

“Land Ground Earth Soil” is a film essay about the increasing privatisation of British public land - against the backdrop of Brexit, rising inequality and climate change. My narrated prose ponders on our relationship with the land, its ownership and disappearing democratic spaces - over a stream of filmed sequences of landscapes, protests, thought experiments and interviews. These are intercut with clips from social media, movies, tv, news, animated maps, video games and 1950-60s public information films; evoking the sense of a shared mood, a feeling in the air, as well as my own cognitive dissonance at the saturation of news, data and imagery around me. The film seeks to raise our awareness that we are all stakeholders in our land, ground, earth, soil – whichever word we use to describe this physical bedrock of our existences. It navigates the troubled realm between Brexit’s Leave and Remain and prods at connections with rising inequality and climate change. Our land is a ‘common good’ and public dialogue about its ownership is long overdue.



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