Nina Lassila

‘The Plant’, 2019

Video, 12’ 45”


Nina Lassila is a visual artist working mainly with video, performance and writing. She was born 1974

in Helsinki Finland but lives and works currently in Belgium and Berlin.

Nina Lassila has a MFA from The Valand Academy of Arts in Gothenburg SE. In many of her works she

deals with questions of identity – specifically identity affected by social barriers, conventions based on

gender and upbringing and cultural differences. Her other bodies of work explore issues of supernatural phenomena, art, political and economic structures. She has taken part in several group shows and video festivals internationally.

About the work: 

“The Plant” is a story about a town and its history. Simultaneously it also portrays the fear of nuclear accidents from the perspective of a child. The child could be any child. The town could be any town. This could be a manuscript for a tv-drama. The story is a mixture of fiction and reality. Most of it is true.





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