Müge Yildiz 

‘Praise of a Jellyfish’, 2017

Video, 1’ 47” 


Müge Yıldız  lives and works in Turkey. The artist produces experimental videos and films, employs a

shooting method she calls “being ghost” and produces moving images based on everyday life

observations in line with existential themes. She works with analogue films such as 8mm, super 8 and

35 mm, 16mm, digital videos, archive sound and footage.


About the work: 

Water. Humans are made up of water. We use water. We need water. Whatever we do to water, we do the same to ourselves, as we put dams, we put limits to our own capacity to vision and fail to notice what is happening around us. We are indifferent to the situation of Earth, and preoccupied with problems of everyday life. We have contaminated water as we contaminated ourselves. Shouldn’t water have a right to flow? How can we be like water? Lucretius suggest that the world is out there for us to perceive. We should not only see it but smell it, listen to it, use all our senses. Capturing several scenes from Marmara Sea in Istanbul-Turkey is exposing a horrific truth of polluted water. We are alive and this animal in front of us is dead. The vision of the dead jellyfish is not enough for us to understand the reality, we need to listen to ourselves as well as others because beings reveal themselves through sound.


Email: muge.yildiz@gmail.com

Website: http://mugeyildiz.com

Social Media: @mugeyildizjaakaappi