Morfydd Ransom-Hall 

‘Keeping cosy’

- The Beehive  The Greenhouse, Watering Can - 2016 ongoing

Installation, British sourced wool and wood


Morfydd is a multi-disciplinary artist whose research based practice focuses on the Anthropocene.

A longstanding and constant with her practice is recording and working with the weather of the British Isles.

An abiding question is how Climate Change affects the landscape?

She is an artist whose practice responds to place. The choice of materials used and their geographical

relationship to the work is an integral part of her practice. Careful consideration is given to any 

environmental impact that the making of the work could have; both now and in the future. An example

of this is a work that represents the rainfall data of Cwmystwyth. This piece is realised in hand knitted Black

Welsh Mountain wool. Two of the proposed six decades were shown at MOMA Machynlleth during May

2018 To focus her research she is working with the landscape in the county of Ceredigion, Mid Wales.

She has been developing a selection of works based on Cwmystwyth. The first of which were exhibited in

a solo show Was it wet that year? at MOMA Machynlleth in 2018.


About the work: 

The Beehive is part of an ongoing series of hand knitted work which was begun in 2016. The cosies

represent the effect of a shift in the Jet Stream and which would make this Each 'cosy' is taken from a

Vintage knitting pattern and enlarged to fit various garden objects. To date I have completed a beehive,

watering can, composter and mini greenhouse. A cold frame is under construction.




Social Media: @morfyddransom.hall