Mihaela Mihaylova 

‘Temporary People’, 2018 

5 Photographs of Eight clay figures left in the nature, 22 x 65 cm (framed)

Mihaela Mihaylova is based in Sofia, Bulgaria. She is interested in making design for theatres and

cinemas, music concerts stages, music videos and television sets. Other objects of my attention are

performance art, festivals and events organisation.

She is qualified at making interior and exterior design, installation and kinetic art. She is concerned about

learning more about visual, lighting and mapping design. Love teaching children art and team working!


About the work: 

Eight clay men were left in the nature. Now the rain and all climatic conditions decide what will happen with them. People belong to the native environment and they should act in sync with it.


Email: mihaela2mihaylova@gmail.com

Website: https://mihaela2mihaylova.wixsite.com/miki

Social Media: @misharewithu