Marie Ouazzani & Nicolas Carrier 

‘Exposition périphérique’, 2018

Video 52 mins

Marie Ouazzani & Nicolas Carrier are attentive to the details and resources that surround them,

they work in a light and non-invasive way. Context and daily life inspire them in inventing climate

fictions. They are developed as videos, collages, installations and infusions that confront

environment and urbanisation. These fictions consider the climate change as a tangible element.

They foresee its effects and the possible ecological transformations. Located on landscapes in

mutation, peripheries, urbaninterstices, they give importance to History, vegetation and

architecture that live there. Through simple gestures and situations, they propose new forms

of resistance and re-appropriation of those spaces, and reconsider our ways of life. Human is not central anymore but a part of an ecosystem looking for balance between ghosts, pollution and contemporary ruins. By mixing erudition and invention, they offer a meditation on the relations between nature and culture and challenge the economical, ecological and cultural concerns of our time. Living together since 2015, we spent time in several residencies in France and East Asia. Our work was presented in the art centers of Villa Arson, 3 bis f, Mains d’oeuvres and Darat al Funun (Jordan), at Glassbox (Paris), at the 5th Odessa Biennale, the 61st Salon de Montrouge, the Rencontres Internationales Paris / Berlin, the Festival OVNi and in many international art spaces and festivals.


About the work: 

“Exposition Périphérique (Orbital Orientation)” is a journey around the external ring of Paris and the

cities around. Like an inventory of the plants living in this suburban landscape now changing due to

the Grand Paris transformations, this fiction follows some gardeners that take care of weeds and

foliage plants, as many propositions for resisting to urbanisation, and that live in the interstices let by

the urban densification.




Social Media: @ouazzanicarrier