Lucy Crump 

‘Quick Dip’, 2019

Painting, acrylic paint and household paint on canvas, 90 x 75 cm


Lucy Crump (born 1993, UK) is a multidisciplinary artist living and working in London.

Lucy's painting and collage work draws inspiration from all around, creating platforms of discussion

on current affairs, pop culture and poetry. These influences are channelled through the artists hand

and transcribed into a single expression or series of artwork/s. These elements alongside the

choice of clashing colours, disjointed perspectives and the element of chance merge into a powerful

social commentary, building the artists language of visual poetry.

" I draw inspiration from walking down a dodgy street corner at 1am, overhearing some outrageous

fake news in an english village pub, to a power punching red lipstick with red wine on the corner of

the lips. Nostalgic memories of the beach I visited and got more plastic and glass in my toes than

sand, to the news they don't put in the newspaper. Tipsy conversations about alternative universes

with friends and characterising the persona of a cat at my window who can stare through my very

soul to highlighting an ultra personified party goer who must reveal their moon is in pisces through

to the women statistically oppressed in their industry. Juxtaposed cultures co-inhabiting a time and space and capturing the energy of people who have a dance floor instead of a living room. The melancholy of a mediterranean balcony at sunrise and the surprise of finding a baroque style record in a bargain bin, to an expression or slang word that doesn't translate into another language, to the youth evoking change. A persons choice of possessions when moving countries, to the old lady on the other side of the road in a head to toe velvet suit on the hottest day of the year. “




Social Media: @lucrump