Lotta Barlach

‘A Walk on Eggshells, Cardamom Cardigan, The Weight of Lavender’, 2019

Sculptures (performance), 3 pieces (150 x 45 x 30 cm)

Lotta Barlach is an artist and designer engaged in the slow fashion movement.

The Weight of Lavender is the provisional title of a collection and an interactive

exhibition including a performance.

Inviting to a holistic view of human civilisation it can be seen as a visual, fragrant and

three-dimensional contribution to discussions about the future climate of the planet.

It is also a contemporary continuation of the Paco Rabanne inspired collection

Suitable that Barlach created in the mid-nineties. In Suitable, she links together

industrially made objects, traces from contemporary urban daily life, weaving a picture

of its meanings. Parts of the collection toured the world within Reclaimed Acclaimed,

a British Council produced exhibition exploring recycling possibilities in craft and

design. Other parts of the collection stayed in Scandinavia where it was shown in

performances as well as in solo- and group exhibitions. In contrast to Suitable, the

collection The Weight of Lavender appeals to some of the human senses such as smell and sense. It aims to inspire cross disciplined research for the future. Some of the disciplines it aims to cross are: art, design, ethnology, biology and chemistry. Since graduating Wimbledon School of Art with a B.A. in Three Dimensional Design (theatre design), 1991, the commissions that Lotta Barlach has been engaged in has varied between set and costume design for a wide range of genres and productions in Scandinavia and commissions that she has given herself within fine art and applied arts. Barlach presently studies Science of Art at Stockholm University.


About the work: 

A Walk on Eggshells is a dress made of ivory silk and eggshells. Cardamom Cardigan is a long cardigan made of green silk bags containing cardamom. The Weight of Lavender is a blue quilted silk cloak containing Lavender. The can be exhibited on torsos or on performing artists.


Email: lotta@lottabarlach.com

Website: www.lottabarlach.com

Social Media: @lottabarlach