Ling Tan

‘Pollution Explorers’, 2019

Custom-made wearable pollution detector suit

Video, 3’ 44”


Ling Tan is a multidisciplinary artist working within social engagement, technology,

performance and politics. Originally trained as an architect, her work explores people’s

interaction with the built environment and our collective agency and responsibility in

tackling complex issues surrounding our cities. She uses wearable technology as tools

for communities to engage with their local built environments and express their

relationship with the city through their subjective perception. Her work addresses issues

such as safety in public space, air quality, smart city, gender, demographics and race.



About the work:

“Pollution Explorers” is part of a body of air quality projects that investigate people’s

personal agency and responsibility in tackling air quality issues. Over the past 3 years,

300 local residents from areas affected by air pollution including Tower Hamlets,

Macclesfield, Paris and Brussels make sense of the quality of air in their environment

through their innate subjective perception using wearable technology and machine

learning. Participants make a statement on air quality by performing body gestures in

public space using custom made wearable technology and develop actions to tackle air

quality issues through their actions as individuals and as a community.

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Social Media: @ql_tan