Linda Vuorenvirta

‘Cause of death’, 2019

Digital Illustration, A4


Linda is a freelance illustrator who loves to design and draw characters, especially within the context of

narratives. She has spent eleven years studying fine art, animation, illustration, and design to better her

skills with figure drawing and beyond. Echoing her childhood hobby of creating picture books about families,

flowers, and cottages in the woods, she settled into an artistic identity centred around storytelling and

characters. Linda is also taking the advice of a member of the jury which evaluated my college work: “never

stop telling stories”. I draw inspiration from both intangible and real-world sources. I love music, all kinds of visual art, magic, fantasy, science fiction, and other products of the human imagination. I’m also moved by nature, history, geography, social issues, and humans’ relationships with each other and their environments. I work mostly digitally with a graphics tablet or an iPad + Apple pencil, but I’m also fond of traditional pencils, pens, and markers.



About the work: 

“Cause of Death” started as a statement against capitalism. It illustrates a literal interpretation of capitalism causing death, with the casket being a large wallet. But capitalism, of course, causes death for more than just humans. Ventures such as forests being cut down to make room for manufacturing, residences, and food production destroy nature. Capitalism’s goal is to make money for a small subset of humans, and often this is at the cost of not only other humans but the planet that we all live on.




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