Lee Bamsey & Madeline Herbert

‘Eel flags’, 2019


Lee Bamsey is an artist and educator who studied Fine Art at Cardiff University. She is a member of Extinction

Rebellion and has been involved in creating visuals for the London protests designing flags and banners.


Madeline Herbert studied textiles and theatre design at Goldsmiths. She worked as a designer for the

stage for many years. She has created banners for various activist movements over the years including

Greenham common, CND and with TARA arts processions.


About the work: 

The eel flags were created for the XR October 2019 in London for XR Greenwich. Greenwich sits alongside the

Thames which was once abundant with European eels. Jellied eels were once a popular dish amongst the

working class East End communities in London as they were so cheap & plentiful but today they are critically

endangered with a 90% decline in their population. 


Email: leeleebamsey@hotmail.com and lba@dartfordgrammargirls.org.uk