Lauren Darn

‘Peterborough, England. 2180 AD’

Photography, 56 x 42 cm


Lauren Darn is a photographer and founder of SubmergedUK campaign.

She was originally drawn to photography through a love of portraits and the dark room and later she

studied film, photography and media at the University of Leeds. During this time, as she became kinder

and more philosophical, she struggled to create art which was not also activism. As a student of film

she was inspired to create cinematic, narrative images which help viewers to confront environmental

and societal issues, without feeling too disheartened to take action on them. To bring realism to staged images she takes all of my photographs on location using natural light, and often use minimal amounts of editing. 


About the work: 

Humankind has not evolved to be adept at envisioning the long term future, but now our continued existence may depend upon our ability to broaden our minds, to plan for future generations. I wanted to use photography to remind the British population that climate breakdown is no longer a distant threat; everyday life might actually be brought to a halt for many communities in the UK. Every photograph in the SubmergedUK collection represents a town or city in the UK which is at high risk of flooding due to climate change. 

In the event that human activity generates a 4 degrees rise in average global temperatures the impact could be devastating. It would mean billions of pounds worth of damage to housing and infrastructure, an increase in extreme weather events, the rapid extinction of animals and ecosystems and the threat of saltwater intrusion into drinking water supplies.

These images are intended to be a lighthearted reminder of a very serious threat. They ask you to consider the personal consequences for you and your family. They ask you to remember that you are part of a community which has the power to influence and protect all future life on earth.