Kanerva Lehtonen

‘I am very angry’, 2019
Post-it note, pencil, scotch tape

The work finds its inspiration in the lack of joy imposed on workers by long, imagination-consuming office hours.

After a day’s work in summer 2019, moments before an Extinction Rebellion protest, the work was scraped

together in a state of frustrated haste and desperation for an instagrammable yet emotive sign. After this

first appearance, the sign has inhabited Lehtonen's Central London office desk as an ongoing miniature protest. 

It has also been previously featured in The Guardian coverage of the September 2019 Brexit bill protests in

Parliament Square.

More often than not, Lehtonen’s desk-based practise finds its form in phone scribbles, subtly colourful sales

reports and the performative act of repeatedly failing to use the arts marketing jargon successfully. Her work

is deeply rooted in neoliberalism, and comes about by virtue of long conference calls, broken printers and the

all-encompassing abyss of excel.

Email: kanerva.lehtonen@ica.art

Social Media: @kanervamaa