Jeff Ko
‘The Environmental Attitudes Inventory (EAI)', 2019

Performance, 20-30 mins

Jeff Ko creates performance, sculpture and digital work. Taking psychology and research as a starting

point, his work presents and re-contextualises both the everyday and the scientific. Ko employs materials

ranging from everyday objects to scientific measures and scales. His interdisciplinary approach attempts

to create a space for academia, research, science, and art to co-exist, and through doing so, develop new

ways to present and communicate information.

About the work:
This work re-contextualises the Environmental Attitudes Inventory (Milfont & Duckitt, 2010), a

psychological scale used in the field of environmental psychology to measure environmental attitudes.

This performance seeks to re- situate this inventory and allow the viewer to engage with the questions posed by this research measure in a more informal manner. Through creating tension between the body and the propositions Ko creates a space for the audience to engage with the inventory and initiate conversation between oneself and with others.


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