Ian Costello
‘Yellowshift 1’, 2018
33.65 x 33.65 cm (framed)

About the work:

Dioramas restructure and rescale information, abstracting and simplifying it in the process. This simplification allows

them to stand in for broad themes, often in the service of ideology and tinted by nostalgia. It’s no surprise that military

campaigns and train lines are among the most common subjects for hobbyist modellers and museums alike. Both condense and mythologize a moment— whether fleeting (a climactic battle) or decades long (the golden era of railways)—and preserve it like an insect in amber. In contrast, dioramas depicting nature absent of technology open a window to a deeper timescale. In an age of climate crisis and mass extinction, they leave space to consider the before and the after, cause and effect.

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