Helen Grundy

‘Delight Therapy’, 2019 Collage, A2 (framed)

‘Sea Legs’Collage, 30 x 30 cm (framed)

Helen Grundy is an object maker/experimental film maker and digital collage artist. Helen work centres

around nostalgia and she uses memories and experiences from her life to inform her work and she considers

her pieces to be souvenirs from her life.

She has become increasing political and fearful for the future of the planet and she is interested in

different forms of rebellion and protest and have been researching Atelier Populaire and the power of

imagery to make a difference.

Currently she is reading a lot about intensive farming methods and have been forcing herself to confront

the cruelty and the damage that it is doing to the environment and the planet and she is also making a series

of pieces to reflect her anger at what is being done.

Email: grundyhelen03@gmail.com

Website: https://www.helengrundy.org

Social Media: @grundyhelen03