Gerald Marie-Nelly (Mr Geez)
‘Killing Us Softly’, 2019
Photography A2 (framed), Data visualisation, QR codes (Audio)

Gerald “Geez” Marie-Nelly, French Caribbean native from Martinique FWI based in London UK. Visual story teller exploring facets of culture and raising awareness about issues deserving exposure. Seeking knowledge and beauty.


About the work:

This visual art piece is a triptych about the Chlordecone tragedy affecting the French West Indies based on the Japanese pictorial maxim of the three wise monkeys “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil”. It symbolises how the French Government pressurised by a minority of influent large planters behaved towards the French Caribbean population over more than 30 years. Except in this case, ignoring or underestimating a mass contamination by pesticide lead to heavy consequences affecting us today and centuries to come. Golden blood suggests that while our people are dying, all “they” see is gold. The real poison might not be Chlordecone but the greed, profits by any means necessary without concerns about collateral damages in your own turf.

Speeches linked to QR codes on Panel 1 (See No Evil) and Panel 2 (Hear No Evil) are from M. Malcom Ferdinand (environmental engineer, doctor of political philosophy and CNRS researcher) during the French Parliamentary Commission of Enquiry about Chlordecone in September 2019 (report expected December 4th) – translated and read in English & various languages by neural network Amazon Polly cloud service
Speech linked to QR code on central Panel 3 (Speak No Evil) is “My island is poisoned” by Ralph Richer (portrait model) and music from the Ziloka traditional music group based in London, UK – killing_us_softly/poisoned


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