Freya Freeman-Taylor 

Freya Freeman-Taylor is a full time environmental activist. She joined Extinction Rebellion Youth in March 2018,

occupying the role of graphic designer for their social media accounts. Her interest in her activism quickly

escalated, and she now volunteers all of her time to both XR Youth and the UK Student Climate Network.

Whilst she would still like to study visual communication in the future, Freya is committed to fighting ecocide

for as long as she can remain an asset to the cause.

About the works:
‘Teach the future’, 2019 Collage A4 Millions of students are taking action against their governments through

striking from school, and yet their education systems continue to fail them. Their curriculum neglects to

communicate the emergency humanity is facing, so they have begun to take their educations into their own

hands, educating themselves and others on the climate and ecological crisis. This artwork was created for

my friend, Joe Brindle, to use in his campaign "Teach the Future", which is fighting for education reform within

the British government. The work intended to highlight the futility of educating children for a future that they do

not have. The world is burning around us, and the knowledge they are forced to absorb is useless to them

unless the government acts now.

You'll die of old age, I'll die of climate change’, 2019 Poster Design, 50 x 50 cm
This work is intended to address the politicians who continue to neglect to include climate justice in their

politics. The valuing of profit over the future of one's children is something that is common within our

government. The people in parliament most likely won't be alive to experience massive societal and ecological

collapse, and it is for this reason that they do not care about it. It has fallen on the younger generation to clean

up a mess that will be irreversible within the next decade. I created this work for social media. The words are

being quickly drowned by the rising sea, as the youth voice is continually smothered by money-oriented politics.


Social Media: @freyaft