Elissa Brunato
‘Bio Iridescent Sequin’, 2019 Video 1’ 55”

Elissa Brunato is a Designer who explores concepts around material culture. She researches

cross disciplinary into emerging scientific possibilities, circular systems and materials, curious

how these can respond to wider ecological systems. Her recent project, Bio Iridescent Sequin

harnesses the potential of cellulose to create shimmering structural colours.

About the work:

A wave of innovation has picked up the fashion industry out of its old foundations. Biological

elements are being engineered in the search for more sustainable materials. It is the optimal

moment to rethink the origin of materials that are currently petroleum-derived. Bio Iridescent Sequin harnesses bio-technologies to create colourful shimmering sequins from naturally abundant cellulose, a material with the added benefit of being lightweight, strong and compostable. By redesigning a sequin from the base structure up, Designer, Elissa Brunato, has been able to rethink the production process by forming them in moulds to eliminate waste. Working alongside Material Scientists Hjalmar Granberg

Institutes of Sweden, we created shimmering iridescent colours embedded within the material structure of cellulose. In this way, it is possible for the future Bio Iridescent Sequin to shimmer naturally without added chemicals and unlike most existing dyes, their colour does not fade in sunlight or over time. These structural coloured sequins present a sustainable alternative to traditional glittery colourants used within the fashion and textile Industry.

Email: info@elissabrunato.com

Website: www.elissabrunato.com

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