David Haley
‘VIEWPOINT: The Tile's On The Spine’, 2019 Performance, 30 Haiku Poems
Installation, 3 Scrolls 25 x 150 cm

David Haley makes art with ecology, to inquire and learn.
He publishes and works internationally with ecosystems and their inhabitants, using images, poetic

texts, walking and sculptural installations to generate dialogues that question climate chaos, species

extinction, urban development and transdisciplinarity for ‘capable futures’. He is currently a Visiting

Professor at Zhongyuan University of Technology; Vice Chair of the CIWEM Art & Environment Network;

Mentor/Advisor (founder) to Futures’ Venture Foundation; a Trustee of Chrysalis Arts Development; a

member of the ecoart network, UK Urban Ecology Forum and the Arts Steering Group, Ramsar

Cultural Network. His projects include: VIEWPOINT (2016-19), a poetic dialogue between a catchment

of rivers, their confluence, the people of Cockermouth and time; The Writing on the Wall (2007-19),

a series of poetic texts, written and performed to challenge our response to Climate Change, as a

crisis, in Germany, Taiwan, and the UK; A Walk on the Wild Side (2004-18), community walking,

performed as urban ecology; Making Our Futures (2007-17) research, learning and teaching to survive

Climate Change in China, Taiwan, Spain and the UK. ; Life Support System (2012-13), Five Elements

for Hong Kongers living with Climate Change; Meantime... Desert Poetics (2012-13), a poetic mapping

of global desertification from Portugal; A Dialogue with Oysters: the Art of Facilitation (2008- on-going),

a new creation mythemerging from the mingling of freshwater and rising seas, Budai, Taiwan.

Email: davidhaley@yahoo.com
Website: www.davidhaley.org
Social Media: https://www.facebook.com/david.haley.90857