Dominique Cro
‘Untitled’, 2018
Hueabandoned Waterpark Vietnam 35MM Photo, A0 (framed)

Dominique’s work explores the various meanings of the word ‘power’ through video,

photography and print. From secretly shooting photographs of nuclear power stations

to filming the Met Police, I aim to explore the notions of authoritative power and the use of

natural resources to fuel our consumerist society. Consume, Waste and Watch are three key

areas of research that influence my artistic practice. Recent works involve travelling around

the UK, Vietnam, Thailand and Russia, to document attitudes towards production and it’s

darker counterpart- waste. With the planet’s ongoing population growth, pollution of the

atmosphere and rise in throwaway products, consume responsibly shouldn’t be a concept largely associated with our favourite poisons.

Another element to my practice is an interest in surveillance technology. Through challenging the preconceived regulations of privacy laws, I aim to reveal the diluted nature of privacy. Living in London’s surveillance society immersed in regular contact with CCTV cameras, I developed an interest in secret filming. By controversially filming people without their permission, often in places that do not permit cameras, I aim to examine the effectiveness of Privacy Law. Are these laws obsolete in a world inhabited by approximately 25 million CCTV cameras and a culture of data collection in exchange for services?


About the work:

This piece is part of a photography series called Waste Not Want Not. The series examines attitudes towards waste disposal both locally and internationally. Bottled It was shot in Vietnam with a particular focus on plastic pollution in water. In water plastic is bathed in light causing it to degrade into tiny pieces in as little as a year. Every year, 6.4 millions tons of plastic is dumped into the ocean, killing 1 million sea birds and 100,000 marine animals annually. These microscopic particles have also made their way into our tap water, with billions of people worldwide drinking contaminated water.



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