Crow Dillon-Parkin
‘Drowned World (London +4°C)’, 2019 Collage, 76 x 60.5 cm


Crow Dillon-Parkin has an MA in Art and Science from Central Saint Martins, and is based at EuroArt

studios in Tottenham.
Her work is predominantly about the articulation of embodied experience from a feminist perspective.

Recent works explored the effects of global capitalism and neo-colonialism on the bodies of women

workers in the tea and garment (fast fashion) industries.

‘Drowned World (London +4 oC)’ shows how rising sea levels will affect the bodies of London-based

artists, via their work places and exhibition spaces. Our cultural environment is just as much at risk as

our physical environment in this current state of climate emergency.

About the work:
“Drowned World (London +4°C)” is paper collage, tissue and gold ink on re-purposed cotton toile,

on a second-hand stretcher (not a true rectangle as a result). The under layer is a collage of A to Z

pages of the areas of London that will be worst affected by rising.



Social Media: @crowdillonparkin