Christoph Dichmann & Elissa Brunato

‘Deliciously Red’, 2018
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Christoph Dichmann playfully investigates and questions aspects of now, looking

at how this might inform the ‘normalities’ of our future. Throughout his design process

language and images connect to narratives and start a new dialogue. His socio-cultural

work deals with topics such as the life chain and connects design with the lively and


Elissa Brunato is a Designer who explores concepts around material culture. She

researches cross- disciplinary into emerging scientific possibilities, circular systems

and materials, curious how these can respond to wider ecological systems. Her recent project, Bio Iridescent Sequin harnesses the potential of cellulose to create shimmering structural colours.

About the work:

The ingredient E120 colours food deliciously red.
It promises a shelf life of young vibrance, devoid of ageing, to a fast food industry that is overly concerned with the attractiveness of their products. Where E120 touches it leaves behind seductive hues of liveliness: pulsating reds to excite the senses like that of young blushing cheeks and ripe tomatoes. Candy, strawberry yoghurts, milkshakes and liquor light up red as they leave their factory origin.
Decoded, E120 translates to Carmine or Cochineal red - the pigmented essence of Cochineal bug blood. The bugs are born and die, to be the pigment of youthful red.

‘Deliciously Red’ is a collaboration between Christoph Dichmann and Elissa Brunato for the gallery Palazzo Michiel during the 2018 Food Design Week in Venice, Italy. It was exhibited as an interactive installation in a show themed, ‘Vanitas’. Visitors were invited to experience the origins of E120 by pressing the Carmine blood onto an oblate, to then taste. In the background of the installation, moving images of the bugs interchanged with advert fragments of sweets containing
carmine colouring.

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