Celyn Bricker
‘What has Changed? An Oral History of the Environment’, 2019 Video, 8’ 30”

Celyn Bricker’s work is broadly concerned with the relationship between the individual

and the collective, which he explores through a range of media, ranging from social

practice projects to more traditional formats. Currently he is creating a series of films

about our collective experience of environmental change, beginning in East Africa but

continuing through the Middle East, Europe, Central Asia and China.

About the work:
“What has Changed? An Oral History of the Environment” is an ongoing art/

documentary project, built up of interviews of people who have lived in the same

place their whole lives . This video shows interviews from people across East Africa, from Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania, from a range of different communities and societies. The complexities of understanding the climate crisis (with the climate itself sometimes referred to as a ‘hyper-object’, which is beyond the comprehension of any one individual) is here reduced to asking a simple question: how is the climate different now from when you were a child? By repeatedly asking this question, we can see how the change in climate is something like a universal human experience, albeit one that is felt with different intensity depending on your place of birth. Many of the people interviewed here are those most connected to the land, are experiencing the effects of the climate crisis most acutely, and yet have contributed the least to climate breakdown.

Email: celyn27@msn.com

Website: www.celynbricker.uk

Social Media: @celynb27