Ben Hancocks
‘cyclones & hurricanes No.2, No.7, and No.8’, 2019
3 Painting cut out box, birch plywood box with LEDs and paint, 30.5 x 30.5 x 11 cm (each)

£1200 (each)


About the work:
The series "cyclones & hurricanes" comes out of anxiety over climate change. Starting with a

group of shaped etching plates, where under the influence of the 15 Century Transoxanian artist

Mehamed Siyah Kalem, I have tried to create images of cyclones and hurricanes that have

the appearance of demonic circular saw blades. Recently using images from the prints I have

been making a series of LED light boxes. The number of the box relates to the number of the

print it was based on and not the order in which it was made. With these pieces I have attempted

to restrain the inherent attractiveness of the medium to the seriousness of the subject.


Social Media: @benhancocks