Alexandre Dang
‘Dancing Solar Flowers’, 2019 Video Documentation, 4’ 13”

Alexandre Dang studied Art as an autodidact after two degrees in Engineering. During his training,

he developed a strong interest in sustainable development and more precisely in renewable energy

which he often uses in his artworks.




About the work:

The Sun provides 10,000 times more energy to the Earth than humans need. The potential of

solar energy is tremendous! However, more than 1.3 billion people still do not have access to electricity. The pressing need to address this issue is the driving force of Alexandre Dang’s artistic commitment. Therefore he often incorporates solar energy as a source into his kinetic artworks in order to educate the general public about the challenges of sustainable energy.

Thanks to his artistic work, Alexandre Dang supports Solar Solidarity International, a nonprofit organisation he co-founded. Its aim is to raise awareness on the potential of renewable sources of energy and to contribute financially to the solar electrification of schools and hospitals in developing countries (Togo, Tanzania, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Kenya, Ecuador, Nepal...). Alexandre Dang's artistic work combines scientific methods, environmental concern and educational approach.

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